Nurse Portfolio Credentialing Commission (NPCC)

The Advanced Clinical Genomics Nurse credential, abbreviated as ACGN, is offered to nurses with a mimimum of a Master degree who practice nursing in genetic healthcare settings. The Clinical Genomics Nurse credential, abbreviated as the CGN, is offered to nurses with a Baccalureate degree who practice in any healthcare setting where genetic concerns arise. Both the ACGN and the CGN are awarded upon successful completion of a PROFFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO that is scientifically evaluated using carefully designed rating scales based upon criteria defined in the GENETICS/GENOMICS NURSING SCOPE and STANDARDS of PRACTICE. Published by the American Nurses Association (Revised 2016).

The requirements for ACGN and CGN include:

Current RN license

Education- ACGN requires the Masters in Nursing or equivalent; CGN requires the Baccalaureate in Nursing or equivalent

Specialty practice clinical hours for ACGN 1500h/3years; CGN 750/3years

30 CEs in genetic content within the past 3 years

Three genetics-related professional development activities within the past three years (i.e., posters, lectures, patient handouts, publications, etc.)