NPCC says "THANK YOU NURSES" for your work! Due dates may change with the pandemic.


Advanced Clinical Genomics Nurses (ACGN)

  1.  Document detailed family histories, including pedigrees 
  2. Perform genomic focused health assessments 
  3. Order genetic testing, develop plans of care, initiate health care interventions and make appropriate referrals 
  4. Provide counseling to individuals and families about genetic risk 
  5. Provide health teaching to patients, families, and communities 
  6. Receive referrals from other health care providers to care for patients and families who have conditions influenced by genomic factors 
  7. Provide continuing education to other health professionals 
  8. Coordinate health care with patients, families, other health care providers, including community resources 
  9. Conduct research in nursing and genomics
  10. Publish articles for the professional and lay literature
  11. Bill insurance companies for reimbursement of patient visits


Clinical Genomics Nurses (CGN)


  1. Document family histories, including pedigrees 
  2. Perform genetic focused health assessments 
  3. Deliver genomic related plans of care and carry out health care interventions 
  4. Provide supportive counseling and make referrals for genetic evaluation and genetic counseling 
  5. Provide health teaching with a genomic focus to patients, families, peers and community 
  6. Coordinate care with patients, families, and other health care providers, including the community 

Portfolio Submission


Portfolio documents are submitted with no exam required to obtain the Clinical Genetic Nursing Credentials

  1. Submit payment through the NPCC website found on the Price List menu item. It will take 5-7 business days for the payment to clear. An email will be generated with an individualized access code for the portfolio platform. 
  2. Follow instructions which describe how to upload the required documents to the portfolio platform.
  3. Uploaded document submissions are due for review by one of the two deadline dates, January 15 or July 15, over a 12 month period.
  4.  If a submitted portfolio is received after a deadline date, it will be scheduled for review after the next available submission deadline date. (For e.g. if received on January 15 it will be reviewed after July 15).  Please plan submission dates carefully to meet the scheduled deadlines and avoid extending the review processing time.

A refund for the credentialing processing fee may be requested, prior to final submission,  with an email sent to