NPCC says "THANK YOU NURSES" for your work! Due dates may change with the pandemic.

Portfolio Submission Dates May change due to covid19

What are the submission deadlines and timelines?

Submit your portfolio prior to the January 15 or July 15  deadlines for review prior to the next cutoff times of January 15 or July 15.  If submission of the applicant's portfolio takes longer than 12 months, a new application fee will  be charged. 

It can take 5-7 business days for all financial information to be processed and the individualized access code to be provided

Due to the COVID19 pandemic due dates may change. Currently it is anticipated the first group of submissions will be completed on time. The January 15,  2020 applicants will be notified of changes via email.

Who are the Reviewers?

NPCC reviewers are credentialed in genetics with many years of experience in clinical genetics.  They are awaiting the submission of the portfolios.  

How long before I know the results?

Review time is approximately 3 months once all of the materials have been uploaded to the Via website and the SUBMIT button selected. Please contact if there is an issue.

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic and extended work requirements of the appraisers, the 3 month review time for submissions may need to be extended.  The January 15, 2020 applicants will be notified via e-mail of ANY changes.

If other deadline dates need to be changed, they will be reflected on this website. Please check back frequently. 

Headquarters of NPCC does support Genetic Nurses and we want you to know that NPCC will continue to provide professional credentials.  

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